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NKOTB tix for sale (x-posted like a mofo . . . sorry 'bout the spam!)

Only for the eyes of those who've got THE RIGHT STUFF . . .

Here's the dilly-o-- I ended up buying a couple pairs of tickets because you just have better odds getting better seats when you buy tickets 2 at a time (although 1 at a time is even better!).  I thought I'd have multiple friends interested and able to pay me back in with in several months' time, but it didn't happen and it's now down to 2 of us . . . 2 who desperately wanted to get the best tickets we could afford as opposed to the best tickets available to us on Ticketmaster.  I bought said tickets (the better  ones) on eBay, and now I am left with 2 pairs of tickets that I need to sell ASAP.  These are for Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio on 6/27/09 at 7:30 PM.  PLEASE pass the info on to whomever would be interested!  I'll refund 10% of the money paid to me to the winner who puts "livejournal" in the PayPal comments!  Here are the listings:

2 tickets for NKOTB on June 27th at Riverbend section 800 row KK


2 tickets for NKOTB on June 27th at Riverbend section 900 row HH


Thank you all for taking a look!  Sorry for clogging up your friends pages!  <3
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