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Get out and vote in the Ohio Democratic Primaries!

Hello... I'm an Obama volunteer, passing on the info to everyone in the community what the rules are for voting in the upcoming Ohio Democratic Primary. 

I noticed in the various Ohio communities that several people have been confused about the current rules in Ohio, so I just want to make it clear:

You CAN vote in the Democratic Primaries, no matter what your party affiliation!  

Just be sure to do two things:

1> Bring ID. You can vote with as little as the knowledge of the last four digits of your social security number -- or with no ID if you request a provisional ballot -- but you really want photo ID with you, if at all possible.

2> Be sure to ask for a Democratic ballot, or you will not be able to vote for the Democratic candidates! You will automatically be registered Democrat for the primaries, but can change party affiliation at any time afterwards. 

You can also vote early, before the election. In fact, it's highly recommended, as there could be very long delays at the polls this year.  You can find your local early voting location and cast your vote today, tomorrow, or, in most counties, this Saturday at your county's Board of Elections office.

For any other information, please visit or call your county's Board of Elections. 
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