Decker (doubledvideo) wrote in ohioans,

Questions for my friends to the south (that would be you, ohio).

I just this community to ask one simple question.

I've lived in Michigan all my life, and have driven through your fine state many of times (mostly for Cedar Pt) but tonight it was to drive to Cleveland to see the Cavs' game...

my one question...

What the hell is going on in Toledo with I-280 ( I think that was the interstate) where they are building this massive overpass thats like 300 ft in the air...and every year i drive through that shit and it seems to be at the same condition as the year before...I have never once driven down there w/o having that construction going on...what are they doing, how long has it been going on, and is there that much traffic that it needs to be fixed? Can anyone explain???? Thanks!!!

Take care guys!
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